Skirt in tulle sequin

Ankle length straight skirt in heavy textured Tulle Seqin, full Lining with movable elastic for more flexibility. Wearable in a more high- waisted Silhouette or choose one size up to wear the skirt on the hip for a more edgy Look.

100% Polyester
SILVER, Color Mix, Metallic
Fabric made in Italy
Handcrafted in Austria

Size: 34 | 36 | 38

Every Piece looks different because of the unique process of Craftmanship. The choice of fabric is made exclusively according to the Circular Fabric Principles – however, the color can be changed upon request to the customer with pleasure. Don’t hold back at all. You can also send your request for adjustments directly to at any time.


Gently Dry clean only – Do Not Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
Iron (Medium Heat)
Do Not Wash


zzgl. Versandkosten

This piece is handmade to order. Expected delivery-time (due to current high demand): 2-4 weeks after purchase order.