Jacket in linen

inspired by the late 70’s | 80’s Suits Area, this double breasted Jacket is made from circular fabric, 100% Linen, categorized by a boxy shape with pointed lapel collar, 2-button front closure and welt pockets. Central back vent and shoulder pads. Every piece of fabric is a cycle and provides a second chance from Overproduction. Shows slight creases when worn (Linen) This Jacket is multitasking, unique and for ALL of us, for they/them.

Every Piece looks different because of the unique process of Craftmanship. The choice of fabric is made exclusively according to the Circular Fabric Principles – however, the color can be changed upon request to the customer with pleasure. Don’t hold back at all. You can also send your request for adjustments directly to studio@iva-ivanova.com at any time.

100% LINEN
Removable Shoulder Pads
Seat Length
Boxy Shape | Unisex
Handcrafted in Austria

SIZE: 34|44, 36|46, 38|48, 40|50


Gently Dry clean only
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Tumble Dry
Iron (Medium Heat)
Gentle Wash with 30°

For more transparency the (CFS) has been drafted and validated in conformity with ISO 14021.


zzgl. Versandkosten

This piece is handmade to order. Expected delivery-time (due to current high demand): 4-6 weeks after purchase order.