was founded by a young fashion designer and individualist in 2016.

Iva Ivanova, who was born 1989 in Sofia, Bulgaria but raised in Graz, Austria, focuses on minimalistic, unisex designs whilst integrating the aspect of sustainability.


Iva Ivanova is defines the concept of sustainability as follows:

The clothes are developed and manufactured by the designer herself in the city of Graz.

Natural and organic fabrics are sourced from Deadstock, underused stock from overproduction, from Austrian suppliers.

All fabrics are sustainable alternatives such as Viscose, Modal or Cupro made in the EU.


Within her designs, Iva Ivanova aims to create timeless key pieces, that can be styled for different variations throughout the year. 


„ My vision is to design individual and unique pieces that are able to be transformed, not only by a reduced colour palette but also by a reduced silhouette. Each season builds upon the last one, authentically and inspired by esoteric themes. This years collection is based on simplicity, which has a minimalistic and contemporary sensibility. I am intrigued by changing people’s minds in way to show positive effects of wearing unisex, minimalistic fashion and by redefining the concept of sustainability, bringing it out of the shadows of „fashion for alternatives“.”